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About Us

Welcome To Knowledge is Light

Knowledge Is Light is a 100% not-for-profit organization brought into existence by a group of persons who staunchly believe that second to health, knowledge is the most precious asset that one can have which multiplies on sharing and cannot be stolen.

In order to shower this indispensible asset to each and every individual of this beautiful country, this forum is established so that every like-minded person who has already been bestowed upon this wealth and believes that sharing it with the ones deprived can make it grow, are welcome to join and be a part of nation building.

In this era of selfish attitudes, self-centered motives, craze for earing wealth, a self-less mission which can generate smiles and change the lives of millions of deprived children can bring contentment and satisfaction to oneself.

If you think you have the urge to give and share from what the Almighty has given to you, be a part of this movement and experience the joy of giving.

The reward for a self-less act is beyond one’s imagination.

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Vision & Mission


Knowledge is Light envisions to reach all the deprived sections of the society to provide elementary education, job skills and training to enable them to lead a respectable life in the society and contribute to national growth and secular fundamentals.


Knowledge is Light intends to strive towards achieving the goal of 100% literacy by identifying the children who are deprived of elementary education and to help them enrol in schools and take care of all the expenditure required for their successful completion of minimum 10th grade and up to any higher level of education that any child may desire. KIL wishes to provide an opportunity to the like-minded who are socially committed with a desire to sacrifice their time and effort in order to achieve this Mission.

Kindle the light for a bright future

A mission so ambitious, so vast, cannot be achieved without your support. Come, join and make a determined effort to be a part of a historical revolution in the field of education to achieve the goal of 100% literacy.

Our Objects

  • (a) To aid and assist the Government in achieving the objects of The Right To Education Act, 2010 and the Draft National Education Policy-2019 by motivating the parents of underprivileged communities to enroll their wards to schools.
  • (b) To establish and maintain a web site for the benefit of all the members who will be associated with the Trust and public at large to help in achieving the objectives of the Trust.
  • (c) To establish, maintain and run Schools, Colleges, Social Service Centres, Industrial Training Centres, Skill Development Centres, Finishing Schools, Hospitals, Clinics and Wellness Centres.
  • (e) To establish Cultural and Social Institutions.
  • (f) To spread for promotion of education and learning by means of any form of media in all branches more specifically in Science and Technology.
  • (g) To advance Indian Culture and Literature Service of this Country for the benefit of our Nation.
  • (h) To train teachers and workers in ideals and practice the true spirit of the education and learning.
  • (i) To establish research and training centres for the furtherance of education/learning in various fields and branches.
  • (j) To undertake propaganda, training and education of the masses either of its own or in co-operation with similar agencies working for the cause of all round development of the Society.